Our Story


Our Warm and Welcoming Yoga Studio in Based in Wellington.

It is the perfect space for you to enjoy some time for yourself away from your busy daily life.

We offer a wide range of Yoga classes and our beautiful teachers are here to ensure you a safe and enjoyable practice.

Yoga is a perfect mix to Strengthen and Mobilise the physical body while creating a little bit of head space to support the mind.

When the Body and Mind are in balance then everything else falls in place naturally.

There is always plenty of carpark in the street. Carpark are free before 8 am for the morning Yogi, free in evening after 6 pm for the evening Yogi and free during the week-end for the week-end Yogis, could not be more perfect !

Most of our yoga classes are accessible to beginners but if you are unsure where to start please contact us at info@yogaonthorndon.co.nz.

We look forward to meet you on the mat.

The Team