Our Yoga Styles

Yin - Hatha - Ashtanga - Gentle Flow - Gentle Core flow - Flow


yin (with trigger point release)

Stretch/Yin: This class is very relaxing. We hold postures (mostly floor Asanas) between 2 to 6 minutes trying to stay into the cold tissues to stimulates and release the Fascia and joints. We do not push into the stretch but rather try to stay into that "sweet spot" where you may experience a little bit of discomfort but NOT pain. We find that edge where your body starts to resist naturally and learn to breathe into it.

Promotes relaxation, calm and balancing of the Mind and Body. Restores our fascia, increases circulation an improves flexibility.


Gentle Flow

 As the title suggests, we move and transition slowly between each pose linking breath and movements together. You will practice standing and seated postures. Great for strengthening and mobilising the body at the same time. Reduce stress and creates stillness for the Mind and Body.



 Hatha is ideal for beginner, but suitable also for the more advanced Yoga practionner. We focus on alignments and breathing comfortably while holding the pose. It is an ideal class for people that want to perfect their practice.

This class offer a mix of standing an seated postures. Great for strengthening an maintaining a strong, mobile and flexible body, improving posture, helping balance, blood circulation and function of your organs. Added benefits include improved focus and concentration, relaxation and happy mind.



This class follows the Primary series with the concept of the tristana : Pranayama (Breath), Drishti (Gaze) and Bhandhas (internal locks). This series re-opens the energy channels of the body and promote internal cleansing. Thanks to Shri K Pattabhi Jois for passing on this knowledge. More information here : http://kpjayi.org/the-practice/



A Vinyasa style. Vinyasa means breath and movements linked together. This class is a little more challenging that the gentle flow as we try to maintain a little more faster pace throughout the whole sequence; increasing the heart rate a little more. Good for you heart, Core strength and mobility. Promotes internal cleansing.