PRIVATE YOGA Sessions/Starter Pack

We offer private yoga lessons as part of our Starter pack or independently.

Traditionally, yoga was taught was one-to-one, teacher and student. This was a powerful way to learn yoga whereby the student is empowered with practices that address their personal needs and help them to achieve their practice goals, whatever they may be.

Studio classes are the norm in today’s world, and in many ways can be very useful. The energy of the group can be motivational and supportive, and you can ‘hand over’ to the teacher and be guided through a practice without having to give much thought to what you should be doing.

However, the number of injuries from group classes has been increasing due to lack of alignment body awarness in each Asana. So the private classes can be very useful not only for beginners who may feel a bit overwhelmed attending a regular class. They are also beneficial for anyone who has been practicing yoga for a while as this can deepen and increase your awareness of your body’s alignments for the basic yoga poses and to prevent injury or development of a harmful postural habits.

Furthermore, the deeper aspects of yoga such as mudras, bandhas, pranayama etc cannot be explored in a group situation. These practices are only accessible through deepening your inner awareness, following along with the rest of the group here is only a distraction to this awareness


  • Being actively involved in your own well-being

  • Be guided and supported by a practice that supports the needs of your body and mind.

  • Practice at your own pace and come to appreciate your own body and breath.

  • Address specific health issues or injuries.

  • Learn in a setting where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Explore the deeper aspects of yoga – pranayama, mudras & bandhas, mindfulness, meditation & more


  • Private yoga instruction  –  $80 per hour

  • Prepay 3 lessons – $200

  • Prepay 5 lessons – $390

  • 2 people – $120

  • Starter pack - $99 which gives you a 60 min private session and two weeks access unlimited to the studio.


I have been practicing yoga for 6 years and I often suffered from pain in my wrist and shoulders. All the time I have been thinking it is my office job and yoga was helping me to fix my posture.

The personal alignment session helped me to bring awareness how to adjust my shoulders and wrists during the postures and to release the pressure on those areas. Thanks to the private yoga session I realised how many mistakes I was making in the basic yoga postures and that I was actually hurting my body.

Now I understand how to engage my upper arm muscles to keep my shoulders safe, how to engage my wrists and tighten muscles and many other things.

I did not expect the session to be so beneficial as I have been practicing for a while. It made me realise that not all the teachers take enough care to talk you through the poses safely.

Yoga is not a competition and yoga is not about looking cool in the Asanas. You need to listen to your body and that’s what can Jana guide you to do.

I am very grateful for the session and I highly recommend it to both beginners and advanced yogis. - Martina K.