Vinyasa & Live Music
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Vinyasa & Live Music

Friday 18th October - 5.30 - 6.45pm

Erika will lead us through a sweaty detox Vinyasa class.
Vinyasa means breath and movements linked together. This class is a little more challenging that the gentle flow as we try to maintain a little more faster pace throughout the whole sequence; increasing the heart rate a little more. Vinyasa promotes internal cleansing so great for Spring Detox :-).

Claudio will complement the flow with vibration and healing instruments. Claudio will open the class with a flute or more quiet instrument for the start of the practice and will play some sitar or guitar with some percussion loops to support the stronger Vinyasa flow and again will transition into more quiet instruments to slow down and calm the energy to prepare for the finish with Tibetan bowls and mantra.

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