"Practice and all is coming".

Sri K.Pattabhi Jois




Foundation course

Tuesday the 19 th and 26 th March

7 pm to 8.30 pm

$ 80
Learn or review the basics of yoga Asana (alignment, breathing, bandhas)Be comfortable in a class environment Learn how to practice safely to make the most of your practice 

This a great opportunity to deepen understanding of Yoga, your own body, some yoga terms, but also to take your own yoga practice deeper and understand and explore the asanas, alignment in asanas, breathing techniques and much more!! This can help you bring more confidence, prevent injuries and gain more benefits from each of your practice. 

Over two sessions we will talk about:
Learn the basics of asana to enjoy your practice safely. 
Different practice styles and their focus
Dealing with injuries
Use of props
Tristanas (Dristi-Pranayama-Bandhas)
Pranayama practice
Mula Bandha and Uddhiyana bandha explained
Standing postures alignment
Balancing postures
Surya Namaskara A
Seated postures

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with Jana

with Jana

Yin Yoga Immersion

Enjoy a two hours long practice with Jana.

22nd of March

5.30 pm to 7.30 pm

$ 40

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with Eva

with Eva

Foundation of ASHTANGA yoga

5 Worshops on the primary series.

Friday 1st of March

Friday 15 th of March

Friday 29 th of March

Friday 12 th of April

Friday 3 rd of May

Five short workshops for beginners and regular practitioners who want to deepen the bases of their yoga practice. Theory (1%): we will explore the basic concepts of Ashtanga Yoga – ujjai breath, dristhi (gaze), and bandhas (energetic locks). Practice (99%): talk-through led practice with focus on the most fundamental postures of the primary series; we will pause and explore the correct anatomical alignment of certain postures. Each workshop will focus on different segment of the primary series: sun salutes, standing postures, seated postures, and the finishing postures.

Module 1 - Theory: What is Astanga Yoga? // intro to Tristana: Ujjai Breath, Bandha & Dristhi
Led practice with focus on / breakdown of: Sun salutations A and B

Module 2 - Theory: Ujjai expanded (more pranayama talk, and ujjai exercises)
Led practice with focus on / breakdown of: Standing Asanas (Trikonasana, Parsvakonasana, Prasarita Padotanasana, Utkatasana, Virabadhrasana A & B)

Module 3 - Theory: Bandha & Dristhi expanded

Led practice with focus on / breakdown of: Sitting asanas (half lotus, triang mukha, janu sirsasana A & B, marichyasana, navasana)

Module 4 - Theory: vinyasa count // what is vinyasa and why is it important?
Led practice with focus on: jump back jump through & utplutih

Module 5 - Theory: introduction to Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (focus on 8 limbs)
Led practice with focus on / breakdown of: Finishing sequence postures 

1 module $40

do all $ 180


with Stephanie Nelson

with Stephanie Nelson

Ashtanga yoga

Saturday 16 th and Sunday 17 th of March

Sat 12-3 pm

Learn about the Logical unlocking of the hips and spine. Creating flexibility with integrity - everyday essentials for healthy “mindbody” and delving deeper into specific asanas for those who are ready.

All levels.

Sun 8-945am

Led Primary Series with modifications.

Some experience with Ashtanga Yoga is advised.

Sun 12-130pm

Breath and Chant - study of Patanjali Yoga Sutras in our contemporary world.

All levels.