Hip Opening Workshop

Hip Opening Workshop


Saturday 28th September - 11.30 - 1.30

If your week mostly consists of sitting at a desk then this is the workshop for you.

Your body is an amazing machine which need to be use to stay happy and healthy.

Sitting still all day results in many problems such as tightening of the muscles especially the hip flexors these muscles attached from your legs to the lower back. This tightening often create a shift in the pelvis and so leading to further issues such as lower back and knee pain.

If you are a runner or cyclist then you may also experience tightening of hips due to repetitive strides or revolutions.

Hips often hold a lot of muscular tensions, opening the hips can then help to release emotions held deep down.

Did you know that Tight Hips and Your Emotions are closely connected?

Tight hips, psoas, and hip flexors can mean that we’re hesitant about facing the future or letting go of the past. More specifically, we fear living up to our own expectations and those laid out by others.

The hips are also a place where we store all kinds or negative emotions and energy. Women who have recently gone through pregnancy and birth tend to have tight hips because it’s a place of physical and sometimes emotional trauma.

The hips are located at the second chakra, also known as Svadhisthana. The second chakra is linked to sexuality, desire, pleasure, and procreation. When the second chakra is blocked it hinders our ability to let go and let it flow. You may have noticed that in deep hip openers, you have a tendency to clinch or hold on because you simply can’t fully open up to the posture.

If this sounds like you then see you on the mat!

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